Postdoc Alumni

  • Youmna Farag (2021-2023): postdoc working on dialogue agents for argumentation, funded by the EPSRC project Opening Up Minds, now at Toshiba Research Europe

  • Zhijiang Guo (2021-2022): postdoc working on automated fact-checking, funded by the ERC project AVERiTeC, now Senior Research Scientist at Huawei

  • Amrith Krishna (2020-2022): postdoc working on automated fact-checking using structured representations in collaboration with Sebastian Riedel and funded by Facebook, now Staff Scientist at Uniphore

  • Gerasimos Lampouras (2015-2018): postdoc on natural language generation with imitation learning in Diligent and eNeMILP, now Senior Research Scientist at Huawei

  • Nedjma Djouhra Ousidhoum (2021-2023): postdoc working on fact-checking for journalists, funded by the EU-H2020 project MONITIO, now lecturer at the University of Cardiff

PhD Alumni

  • Christine de Kock (2019-2023): PhD student on constructive online disagreement (thesis), supported by Huawei and the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust, now Research fellow and associate lecturer at the University of Melbourne

  • Hardy (2017-2021): PhD student on summarisation (thesis), co-supervised with Nikos Aletras, now postdoc at McGill University

  • Abiola Obamuyide (2016-2020): PhD student on knowledge base population in SUMMA (thesis), now postdoc at the University of Strathclyde

  • Yunita Sari (2016-2019): PhD student on authorship attribution (thesis), co-supervised with Mark Stevenson, now at the Department of Computer Science and Electronics, Universitas Gadjah Mada

  • James Thorne (2016-2021): PhD student on automated fact-checking (thesis), supported by Amazon, co-supervised with Christos Christodoulopoulos and Arpit Mittal, now assistant professor at KAIST

MSc Alumni

Undergraduate Alumni